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Frequently ask questions

How soon can you set me up?

Speak with us and let us know how soon you need it so we can rally to fit your schedule.

Why is there a 30 day notice to cancel?

There are a lot of systems in place that are linked together to optimize your company. When there is no longer a good fit, it takes some time to unlink those. The thirty day notice gives us time to transfer things to you so that your services are uninterrupted. It’s also time so if there is a problem, can try and solve it for you.

Thirteen months is a long time why is it a thirteen month commitment?

In business, you only make sales when you put a direct offer in front of the exact audience. You can see some results quickly but to hit high sales goals, It takes a year to really chart the ebbs and flows of your sales cycle. This will give you the data and true perspective of the results possible.