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Are you finding it hard to enter international markets because your business lacks the right technology?

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with foreign executives and get the contracts your business needs?

Many Ghanaian entrepreneurs face these challenges and feel left out in a fast-moving global market.

Amplified Transformations:

Imagine solving these problems easily. Think about using the latest technology to reach new markets and improve your operations. Picture yourself learning the soft skills needed to speak the international language of business, impressing foreign executives, and winning important contracts. Imagine hands-on coaching that teaches you exactly what US and UK companies want from their vendors.

The Solution:

Introducing the "From Ghana to Global: Leadership Accelerator"

A program designed to help Ghanaian leaders succeed internationally. With dual citizenship and experience coaching clients from small beginnings to multimillion-dollar successes, I bring unique expertise to help you reach your goals.

Ghana Business Subscriptions

For Ghana-Based Leaders Paying with Ghana Cedis

Sign Up for a 12-Month Subscription
GHS 7,000/month
Sign Up for a 6-Month Subscription
GHS 8,400/month

US/Diasporan Business Subscriptions

For US-Based Leaders with businesses in Ghana Paying with USD

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What You'll Gain

Weekly one-on-one sessions with CEOs who train top US leaders
Monthly group masterclasses
Learn to deploy cutting-edge cost-saving technology
Gain essential international business knowledge
Improve communication with foreign executives
Secure valuable international contracts

Rotating Masterclasses

what others experience working with Nataki

Overall, Nataki is an incredibly valuable asset to any team. She is a highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur who is always able to get the job done. She is also a great leader and easy to work with. I highly recommend her for any position she may be pursuing.
Daryl Fraser
Atlanta, USA
I was stuck. I could not grow or make enough money. But since I was doing all the work, I could not leave or hire anyone to help. Nataki is a godsend. With her leadership coaching and consulting I was able to get profitable, hire people and expand into new international markets.
George Kodjo
CEO Accra, Ghana
Now my networking leads to international deals. I networked a lot. I spent money on conferences and memberships that never made me any money at all. Now I am meeting the right people and making money with these tools. Nataki helped me go from selling units sometimes to selling cases, pallets, all the time and now a container.
Ben Keith
Owner, Ghanaian Manufacturer
She got me $45,000 from 3-week campaign she developed and coached me on. Last year a $40K consultant did nothing. I learned more from Nataki of Nu Business Solutions in the first 2 sessions than I did from my last 3 high-profile consultants combined.
Real Estate Developer, CEO, USA

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