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Subscribe for decision-making clarity and integrated management of your social media, website, and analytics to drive your advertising and business strategies.

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Get done-for-you ads. Drive leads to your page, channel, website, product, or service. Use conversion enhancements to convert leads into paying customers.

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Use calendar booking, sales teams, and conversion tools to turn visitors into revenue and communities of audiences connected to your offers.

Frequently asked questions

I do not know anything about creating ads, running ads, or marketing. Can I do this?

Absolutely, you don't need any prior experience in creating, running ads, or marketing to work with us. That's exactly what we're here for! Nu Business Solutions offers a comprehensive 'done-for-you' service, where we handle all aspects of advertising and marketing on your behalf. You'll receive detailed metrics and reports, making it easy for you to understand the process and make informed, empowered decisions about your marketing strategy. Leave the complexities to us and focus on what you do best – running your business.

How soon can you set me up?

Speak with us and let us know how soon you need it so we can rally to fit your schedule.

I have tried advertising on my own or with a different company. How is this different?

Nu Business Solutions leverages the power of AI and insights from consumer psychology to craft and optimize your advertising campaigns. This approach sets us apart from standard practices, ensuring that your ads are not only well-targeted but also continuously refined for maximum impact. Combined with the expertise of our award-winning digital advertising executive and our commitment to data-driven strategies and transparent reporting, we offer a sophisticated, results-oriented advertising solution that goes beyond what you might achieve on your own or with other companies.

How often do I get updated?

You'll receive updates very frequently. Leads are reported in real-time, ensuring you're always informed of new potential clients as soon as they show interest. Additionally, you'll have weekly meetings with your project manager to discuss progress, strategies, and any adjustments needed. Plus, through your client portal, you have constant access to detailed reports, allowing you to stay updated on all aspects of your marketing campaigns at your convenience. This comprehensive approach ensures you're always in the loop and can make timely decisions based on the latest data.

Why is there a 30 day notice to cancel?

There are a lot of systems in place that are linked together to optimize your company. When there is no longer a good fit, it takes some time to unlink those. The thirty day notice gives us time to transfer things to you so that your services are uninterrupted. It’s also time so if there is a problem, can try and solve it for you.

Will I be forced into a lot of meetings for this to be successful?

More great news! Meet with a success engineer for on-boarding and then after that your account is on autopilot. That means you just need to focus on managing your leads with no-time consuming meetings to worry about. 
Want a deeper engagement? Upgrade to premium and get help analyzing your website traffic reports and Analytics so you can make stronger business and advertising decisions going forward.

Thirteen months is a long time why is it a thirteen month commitment?

In business, you only make sales when you put a direct offer in front of the exact audience. You can see some results quickly but to hit high sales goals, It takes a year to really chart the ebbs and flows of your sales cycle. This will give you the data and true perspective of the results possible. 

My website is not good or I need a better website before I advertise.

You can contract a web developer or hire us to revamp your website before you go live. 
With a premium package get a done-for-you landing page so traffic only sees the content of the ad. 

I don't have any followers. Can social media advertising help me at all?

Growing likes and followers is a vanity activity. You can have millions of followers and make no money. 


You can also have zero followers and make millions on advertisements. 

So the short answer is yes you don't need followers or page engagements to have successful advertising campaigns.

I don't use Facebook, social media, or YouTube?

Great news. You don't have to do any social media engagement. Advertising success is independent of your social media presence. 

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