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The Executive Leadership Mastery Program is a one-year, private coaching program only available to high-functioning executives and aspiring leaders. The program provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to leadership development tailored to your specific needs and accelerates you to your goals. Senior Consultant Nataki Kambon of Nu Business Solutions designed the program based on her 25 years of helping people become high-performing entrepreneurs and leaders. Successful entrepreneurs have highly refined leadership skills. Hone your leadership abilities and adopt practices to help you unblock and unlock success within every sound venture you embark on. Get a 52-point highly personalized assessment that identifies your new leadership style framework, strengths, and shortcomings. This assessment will partially inspire your entrepreneurial leadership mastery journey. You will then work with Nataki one-on-one through a series of strategic exercises that can shape and elevate your entrepreneurial leadership and revenue-generating potential in practical ways you can begin utilizing immediately. The Executive Leadership Mastery Program is a highly personalized business leadership development experience that gives you access to accelerated results through individual attention and goal-to-goal support. As an Executive Leadership Mastery Program participant, you get four core elements in your Private 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions: Accelerated Goal Acquisition Sessions Revenue Generation Consultations Manifestation Roadmap Session Work-life Balance Attainment Roadmap As a VIP member, you get exclusive members-only access to four modules designed to create revenue-generating success habits, transform your thinking, and elevate your professional/social circles. The modules include the ”Millionaires In The Making” VIP Access, Synergy Sessions VIP Access, Thought Leadership Development, and Access To NBS Scale-up Advisory Teams. The Executive Leadership Mastery Program’s emphasis on real-world application is one of its distinctive qualities. As you sharpen your leadership abilities, learn how to use them to generate income and leverage that income to create wealth in practicality. Move beyond theoretical coaching and get real-world, real-time training to step into higher forms of your best professional self. To qualify for admission into this program, you must be a high-functioning executive, an aspiring leader, or an entrepreneur dedicated to both personal and professional improvement. You must also be prepared to put in the one-hour weekly time, effort, and money required to accomplish your objectives and significantly progress your leadership development. The investment required for the Executive Leadership Mastery Program is a small percentage of the potential return on investment using program resources. The investment reflects the great value of the tools and tailored guidance offered. The program intends to provide a high return on investment regarding professional achievement and personal improvement. Anticipate leveraging your new leadership abilities, self-assurance, effectiveness, better performance, and training to create sustainable income generation and wealth-building pathways.