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This resource page has everything you need to get you going with marketing and automation. Let’s help get you going.

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Complete your intake and upload and submit foundational content


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Share any changes in your operation with us so we can continue to steer you towards success.

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Track new sales, leads, profit and sales communication in our one place. Log into your Nu Business Solutions client portal for your all-in-one CRM solution. Check your email to access the Nu Business Solutions desktop app.



Business Tools
Look out for an invitations to join us on one or more platforms.

Telegram – private group for calls and meetings
Wrike – for BD



As a client, you can schedule unlimited milestone self-schedule appointments. That means after each meeting we set a goal and a timeline. Once that milestone is complete, you are open to schedule a meeting about the next milestone. Have general questions to help you get to the next milestone, Wrike, call, or live chat us for help.

Tech Tools

& Resources

It’s 2023 ! Technology can make it so much easier to operate a business. We’ help you leverage technology to maximize profits, customer service and efficiency.

Sales &


Many startups make the mistake of focusing all on infrastructure and little on the marketing that drives sales and revenue. The right kind of budget and focus on digital marketing determines 70% of your sales success. We’re here to help you allocate the right amount to monthly advertising to hit your sales targets.