I help small businesses & social enterprises get organized and sustainable profit.

Through A.I., digital marketing, and advertising, I help spread your mission and convert the right people into paying customers, loyal staff, and dedicated stakeholders.

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Are you thinking? Wow this is perfect but how much do I need to invest to get this solution?

Let's Count Your Savings!

The "Old" Way

Step One: Find this team

  1. Web developer
  2. On-page and off-page SEO expert
  3. Photographer/Videographer/Editor
  4. Graphic designer
  5. Email marketer
  6. Social media marketing strategist
  7. Advertiser
  8. Content poster
  9. Brand developer
  10. Public relations rep
  11. A writer

Step Two: Change your schedule and refocus on hiring and managing a team with a collective salary of 5,000/week+ part-time for 20 hours = $ 20,000/month+ with unknown results.

The "Nu" Way

Step One: Nu Business Solutions uses A.I. and marketing to send you ideal customers, job applications, and stakeholders.

Step Two: Breathe easier with this off your plate and focus on everything else.

Are you ready? Let’s put the progress back in progressive movements and businesses to improve our communities for the better.

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