Do You Have the Characteristics of a Nu Business Solutions Team Member?

Dynamic Forward-Thinking Problem Solver

You can understand the variables, analyze the needs, and recommend the right dynamic scalable solutions to serve client’s needs. You live to create solutions.


You grasp fundamental concepts well and can move projects and tasks forward from the idea phase to the implementation phase to get results. you don’t need micromanaging because you thrive on getting the information, resources, and collaborations you need to drive projects to completion.

Great Communicator

You ask the right questions, pursue the right information, and communicate necessarily with the right level of transparency to keep everyone informed and in the loop.


What services, systems, resources, or ideas do you have to help us all ‘Nu Business Solutions’ better for ourselves and our clients? Your wheels are always turning.


You wake up every day excited about making a difference. You love that you’re helping entrepreneurs serve more customers, support employees, and realize the entrepreneurial dreams.

Open Positions

If you have well-rounded experience and the right energy, you may be a good fit to join our team. Click to apply online.
*Note we get many applications. Once submitted, we’ll follow up only if qualify and you’re selected for an interview.

Top 6 Benefits of Being a NBS Staff Member

Equipment Stipends

When you work at a virtual company your computer and software are your lifeline to connect and deliver. Long-term staff members enjoy semi-annual and annual stipends for software and equipment purchases.

Skills Development

When you’re at your best, our clients can be at their best. Long-term staff members enjoy the ability to take Nu Business Solutions sponsored continuing education courses to help you stay at the top of your field.

Performance Incentives

We all strive to do our best. When doing your best includes going above and beyond, we believe in sharing the rewards.

Remote Work with Flexible Hours

Set up your home office. Work from home. Set your own consistent work hours.

Thrive through Teamwork

Beyond hard skills enjoy working with friendly and collaborative team members who want to help you succeed.

Work-Life Balance

We all think and innovate better when we are living our best life. You’re on a computer all day at work but we encourage you to get offline. Enjoy eating well, working out, perfecting hobbies, doing community outreach, and building personal relationships.