Terms & Coditions

This document is an invitation to join the Nu Business Solutions Referral Bonus Program (RBP). Participation in the RBP is not a guarantee of payments nor a promise of eligibility. Referrals to Nu Business Solutions mean that you agree to the Nu Business Solutions Referral Bonus Program terms and conditions. The referral company cannot be an existing customer, nor can it have been a recent Nu Business Solutions client lead in the last 60 days. The client or the referral source must disclose the relationship in email, direct introduction, or a client intake form. Referrals not disclosed before intake are disqualified for the RBP. The Referring party must only opt into one bonus payout option per referred client. Offers cannot be combined. Cash refers to any method, including check, electronic payment, gift card, or other such instruments as determined by NBS. “Consulting services” refer to eligible NBS consulting services, which include Business Growth Accelerator, Internal Capitalization Accelerator, Business Profitability Maximizer packages, or those of equal or greater value. When a referrer opts to get the referral bonus from consulting services, the referrer receives an NBS services credit. The credit is valid for 365 days and can be redeemed based on NBS availability for the menu of tier 2 services at the current rates at the time of redemption as determined by NBS. Referral credits and options expire after 365 days if not redeemed. Consulting services credits cannot be applied to projects/services, including 3rd party products and services. RBP-referred client contracts may qualify for payment 60 days after the final contract payment or at day 180, whichever is greater. Referral bonuses can only be paid out for client accounts in good standing with Nu Business Solutions at the time of the bonus eligibility period. The RPP bonus amount is calculated as the lesser of 10% contract amount or $250 for cash payouts or the lesser of 10% of the contract or 500 consulting services. RBP payouts are not transferable. Program benefits are not valid with other offers. NBS reserves the right to ban the referrer from the RBP for abuse of the NBS RBP. RBP participant agrees not to spam or harass and engage in unwanted or undesirable practices to achieve referrals. The RBP is subject to change or may be canceled without notice by NBS at any time. By participating in the RBP the referring party waives all legal claims and claims of damages arising from willful participation in the RBP.