Terms and Conditions for US

Terms and Conditions for Nu Business Solutions

By attending a meeting, paying for or receiving service or engaging with Nu Business Solutions, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. These terms supersede any verbal communications and can only be superseded by a mutually signed and agreement by a majority owner shared through the company’s formal document signing platforms.

  1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern the business consulting services provided by Nu Business Solutions, Inc. (“Nu Business Solutions” or “we”) to you, the Client (“you” or “your”). These Terms, along with any Retainer Invoices, approved budget allocations, signed department scope terms, and confidentiality agreements, constitute the entire agreement between Nu Business Solutions and you.

  1. Service Commitment

– Duration: Services are provided under a 13-month commitment.

– Cancellation: You may cancel at any time with thirty days’ notice by participating in an account transfer and delinking session.

  1. Service Phases

– Month 1: Setup Phase.

– Month 2: Honing and Refining Stage.

– Month 3 Onwards: Maintenance and Lead Generation Jet Streaming.

  1. Scope of Work

The Scope of Work includes the details, preferences, and parameters you provide, guiding the project design. Nu Business Solutions may advance Scopes based on our internal recommendations, following industry best practices.

  1. Quotes & Estimates

– Validity: Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of the email.

– Payment Terms: For projects under $20,000, full payment is required upfront. For projects over $20,000, 50% upfront payment is needed.

  1. Point of Contact

You will designate a point of contact for the project who will have the authority to make decisions and advance the project.

  1. Timelines & Work Hours

– Timelines: Completion times vary based on the project’s complexity.

– Work Hours: Regular work hours are 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern, Monday to Friday.

  1. Submission Requirements

You are responsible for providing clear, written content and feedback to advance the project.

  1. Design and Post-Production

– Revisions: Three revision cycles are included free of charge within a seven-day period from the initial rendering.

– Additional Revisions: Charged at regular rates.

  1. Web Hosting and Webmaster Services

– Hosting: One year of free website hosting is included.

– Maintenance: Regular updates and maintenance are part of the Webmaster Services.

  1. Hacking Recommendations

We advise using our advanced Web Master Service for better security, although we can’t guarantee immunity from hacking.

  1. Marketing Services

We will conduct sales, lead generation, and advertising activities as authorized, with the understanding that results are not guaranteed.

  1. Termination Rights

Nu Business Solutions reserves the right to terminate the contract for reasons such as illegal or unethical activities on the Client’s part.

  1. Stalls and Re-engagement

– Inactivity: Projects inactive for over 30 days may be considered stalled or abandoned.

– Reactivation: Reactivation fees apply for abandoned projects.

    15. Refunds

Subscription deposits, setup fees, retainer deposits are refundable up until Nu Business Solutions teams commence the project. They are non-refundable once work commences. Monthly service fees are refundable less amounts spent towards execution. Advance payments are refundable with notice 30 days in advance. 

    16. Limitation of Claims

Claims or issues must be reported within one week of service or our submission. Claims or issues should be reported in writing via email or your client portal. To mitigate challenges, communicate with your project manager about any major changes, or decisions that impact the direction of your company. Claims after one month are deemed unactionable.

     17. Subject to change

You accept and acknowledge that these terms are subject to change with or without notice. You agree to be bound by any current and future terms until canceling services and paying any past due balances. 

     18.  Governing Law

– Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by the laws of North Carolina, USA.

– Jurisdiction: Disputes will be resolved in the courts of North Carolina, USA.