• Fix what’s broken

    Fix what’s broken

    Get practical TOOLS for small businesses
  • Get your finger on the pulse of your business with sharp insight

    Get your finger on the pulse of your business with sharp insight

  • With Nu Business Solutions you get to

    With Nu Business Solutions you get to

    Do what you love on a bigger scale when profit & efficiency intersect


    with CEO coaching to reach the next level of success.
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Welcome to NuBusiness Solutions

We transform stalled, struggling, or average companies into efficient, strategic, systematized, well staffed,
profitable ventures in 60 to 90 days.

We bring focused clarity to business owners through a transformative comprehensive solution that rescues owner-operators
from trial & error management. We free you to soar as an entrepreneur.

Transform Your Business. Free your potential.

You are too savvy at what you do to be running your back office

Let us help you:

Eliminate the stress Break the chains that weigh your business down and cause stress 

  • Gain financial clarity
  • Build systems that work
  • Hire rock star staff

Don’t suffer alone.

Soar with help. 

We run or help you manage your entire back office with a living breathing C- Suite that fixes what is broken so that you are freed to make money in your company by serving your clients.


Is your business running you or are you running your business? Take the quiz to find out 

What Our Clients Say

  • Bryan G, Builder [Bookkeeping & Accounting Project]

    We were desperate when we called Nataki at Nu Business Solutions to help with our bookkeeping. Our last bookkeeper hadn't done anything for several months. We were behind on billing customers. We needed help paying bills and our subs. Our sales tax was due in a week. Nataki came in the same and did an assessment. She told us what we needed to do and helped us fix our QuickBooks... Read More
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  • Tailored Solutions
  • Industry Specific Resources
  • Efficiency and Workflow Organization
  • Staff Performance Retention
  • Accounting & Financial Analysis
  • Data Security
  • Technology Integration
  • Procedures & Management Documentation

Client Transformations

  • From $26K to $1.2Million. Transformed "a guy with a cell phone and a truck" operating an odd-job handyman service into a 7 figure high-end custom home builder with a commercial contracting revenue stream. 14 Months.
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