How to Get the Most Out of a Consultation.
Step-by-Step Walk through

Getting the Most from Your Business Consultation

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet Here are a few guides to prepare

The Secret is to Start by Meeting with Yourself

Have a 1-hour meeting with yourself. Write out the problems you summarized, your goals, and the new realities you’d like to see.

Gift yourself the time to gather your thoughts and desires.

A self-consultation is the best way to prepare you to get the most out of your business consultation.

Define your investment

Starting or growing your business begins with being clear with yourself about your financial investment. Identify a low to high dollar range that you are ready to invest in attaining your goals, and business solutions. Setting a target number or range will ensure you don’t waste an entire consultation session focused on solutions too small or too big for your budget or those that don’t fit your timeline.

Define your Goals

Write out the two most significant outcomes you desire using two sentences of two lines or less per outcome. The two-sentence cap helps you focus on what is most important.  Please, no paragraph-long run-on sentences. It defeats the purpose. 😀 If you get stuck add at 3rd sentence. Being brief allows you to be focused and deliberate. 

Reflect on your timeline

Think about a timeline. Is there an urgency to any goals?
When do you want or need each outcome?
How can we help you prioritize the most important tasks and remove challenges that slow down your timeline.
We’ll consider this as we make recommendations for short-term and long-term goal realization.

Have more time? Here are two more things you can consider.

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Make a Quick List

Make a quick list writing down what is working right for you. The things that are working well can help. Make a second quick list of what is not working. Don’t forget to share this in your consultation to give a good full picture of where you are.
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Write down your top 5 questions

Most of your questions will be answered naturally as we review. We’ll circle back to any other questions at the end. After, we finish you’ll have a complete picture of your options.